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How Long Does A Razor Last?

16 March 2011 No Comment

How Long Does A Razor Last?

I guess that all depends on how you take care of your razor. Recently I learned a little secret about “How to make your razor last longer” The tip is making sure the razor blades are dry after each use. Water seems to damage the blades, therefore causing rust and the rust leading to corrosion, thus causing the blades to be dull.

Usually a three blade disposable razor will last me about one week with everyday shaving. I have been drying my blade after each use on a towel-This is week four of using the same blade without any nicks,cuts or dullness of the blade.
In doing this research on “How long a razor can last” I also found out that some people put a little petroleum jelly or baby oil on their blades to extend its life.
Some people also will let the disposable razor rest in alcohol after each use. Although I personally have not tried the baby oil or petroleum jelly technique, I think I will try it after the one I am using now gets discarded.

Of course the razor companies do not endorse or verify any of these razor blade saving tips- Why? Because they are in the business of making money. They don’t want consumers extending the life of their blades, they want us to go out and buy more!

I heard that famous frugal guru Clark Howard used the same .17 cent razor for close to one year! Wow that is really extending the life of your razor! I wonder if if mine will last almost a year? Remember that if someone has a full beard they might have to change the razor more often, but with average daily shaving the razor should last awhile, as long as you dry it after each use, I usually dry mine on my towel after showering. I will add to this post when my razor finally becomes dull and I will have to toss it- lets hope it be in a year!
If you have done this experiment with your razor please leave a comment below and let us know how long your razor lasted or any other tips on making them last longer.

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