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Name Brand vs Generic Diapers: A Helpful Comparison Chart

13 August 2009 3 Comments

Parents often wonder “what is the best product for my kids?”. I think this is especially important when it comes to diapers. Choosing the right ones can help save you money. Doing some research and making sure they’re comfortable and also absorbent are key factors in buying the right diapers. Here is a comparison chart featuring reviews and the cheapest places to buy diapers:

Diaper Brand Est Unit Price Best Price Found Reviews
Albertson’s Baby Basics™ 0.14¢ albertsons.com

56 Count for

Read review
CVS Supreme Diapers™ 0.15¢ cvs.com

210 Count for


Read Review

Luvs™ 0.18¢ diapers.com

204 Count for


(354 reviews)

Pampers Baby Dry™ 0.21¢ albertsons.com

144 Count for


(344 reviews)

Huggies Snug N Dry™ 0.23¢ diapers.com

168 Count for


(146 reviews)

Kirkland Signature™ 0.24¢ costco.com

208 Count for


(80 Reviews)

All prices and reviews are subject to change.

Obviously the Alberton’s Baby Basics brand is the best value, but if you’re into buying bulk, you’ll want to go with the CVS Supreme 210 count from cvs.com. It may only seem like a 1 penny difference, but multiply 210 diapers by 0.1¢ and you end up spending $21 more. Keep in mind these are all prices that were found online and are for size 3 diapers, you may find different prices at your local grocery stores, but this is a good starting point.

Comment below so we can hear some of your reviews or experiences you’ve had with your favorite brand of diaper.

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